• 2017: Comeback
    • Transition to Django framework
    • Re-launched on LEMP stack
  • 2016: Hiatus
    • Client required database specialist
    • Came to UMSI to further polish my crafts
  • 2015: Established
    • Do-it-yourself culture movement
    • Project that could grow with me

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        Although computer programming initially started out as one of my many hobbies 2 years ago, it quickly became integral to both my professional development and scholarly aspirations. When I had first started learning how to code, my life was going through a period of despair and Massive Open Online Courses were one of the few activities that came across my path as I desperately sought to find a way out. Fortunately, with the support I received from endearing friends who still remain to this day as one of my greatest sources of motivation, I was able to regain the strength and confidence that I had needed to continue advancing forward.

Old Squalo

        To maintain this second wind, after I became sufficiently comfortable with Document Object Model through learning HTML/CSS, I deployed a simple static site and launched Squalo Dev, named after the Italian word for sharks, after I was inspired by one of my friend's photography portfolio from her study-abroad in Italy. Since then, the group of my friends who helped me start Squalo Dev have temporarily went their separate ways after graduation but I believe that we will meet once again after I finish my remaining objectives in Ann Arbor.

        With that said, after busying myself to reach new heights during the 1st year of my Masters program at the University of Michigan School of Information, I am pleased to announce that Squalo Dev is coming back from its year-long hiatus. While the website is currently hosted in LEMP stack, migration to Django framework is in the works and will be ready by the end of September 2017. In the mean time, please feel free to reach out to me directly with inquiries.

Thank you!