Skills & Tools:

  • UX Design
    • Personas & scenarios
    • Low-fidelity prototype
    • High-fidelity prototype
  • Adobe CC
  • Sketch
  • InVision

Problem Statement

        Given the importance of education in both economic development and social progress, my primary target audience includes both domestic and international students pursuing postsecondary (tertiary) education. On a more subtle note, the problem I hope to address here is related to enhancing effective communication between different communities and empowering individuals. While non-native English speakers are more likely to find value in a tool for learning new words, since vocabulary is passively learned throughout a student’s academic career, I also hope to accommodate native English speaking students who wish to expand their word knowledge in a more engaging way.


Brief Overview

  • Scroll Dial Search
  • Customizable Rhyme Results
    • "Perfect" rhymes
    • "Imperfect" rhymes
    • Homonyms, etc.
  • Save & Review Rhyme Entries
  • Sharing Entries: Opensource
  • Game Mode for "Battles" (work in progress)

Design Rationale

        By large, pRhymal Instinct can be considered as a rhyme dictionary in the sense that users can search for words and receive combinations of the words’ definitions, synonyms, usage examples, rhymes, and other attributes. Of course, to solely regard pRhymal Instinct as merely a rhyme dictionary would have also been a misnomer on my part when naming this project. Having said this, I elaborate on two key features below that, I believe, differentiates my design from those of other vocabulary-learning applications.

        For one, pRhymal Instinct critically engages users when they need to learn new vocabulary by facilitating memorization through rhyme association. To put it differently, memorizing new words through rhyme association also requires users to compose rhyme sequences as a way to demonstrate that they understand the various contexts in which an English word can be used. At the moment, I am conducting more research on the most effective social media API - mainly Facebook vs. Twitter - that I can leverage to create more of an Open Source environment.

        In another, my rationale for designing the app with scroll-dial interface (similar to that of Apple iPhone's alarm setting UI) for browsing rhymes was mainly because I wanted to offer flexibility and freedom to my users when they use pRhymal Instinct to study. Rather, I wanted to design a tool that would encourage its users to be creative and to find some sort of joy in academia.

For my interactive prototype, please click here.



  • Front-End
  • Back-End
    • Datamuse API: DONE
    • User Registration: IN PROGRESS

Design Dogma

        Overall, I refined pRhymal Instinct with economic development in mind, especially after my design philosophy had embraced a bottom-up approach for sustainable growth. As such, I am pleased to announce that developing this mobile app is currently one of my two on-going personal projects. By leveraging existing technologies, my greatest desire from developing pRhymal Instinct is that it will be able to empower a user such that they find the courage and strength they need to realize their utmost potential.