About me

Economics | Full-Stack | Mechanism Design

Hello, my name is Jay Choi (b. Jaeyoung Choi)

I'm a rising 2nd year Masters student at the University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI) specializing in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Information Economics for Management (IEM). While working as an investment analyst intern during my undergrad for a company with close ties to the oil and gas industry, I started to feel guilty of my work and began to gaze upon things that truly matter for our survival - affordable CLEAN energy. With advent of Tesla, Inc. and other initiatives for facilitating this necessary transition from our reliance on fossil fuel to a sustainable source of energy, I am optimistic, if not somewhat dogmatic, that by synthesizing economic principles with well-designed systems and tools, it is possible to induce or incentivize behavior that promotes sustainable environment and economy.

Having said this, it is my personal belief that a successful transition will require collective contribution from each individual. Perhaps one person could do it all. Perhaps one entity could do it all. But the point is, this change that we have to make for the sake of our future generations can be brought about much quicker by all of us coordinating our efforts with shared long-term vision - for our descendants to experience the wonders of Nature. After all, what is life but a constant race against time? And I plan on making as much contributions to the world and learn as much as I need to do so before I cross the finish line with a satisfied smile. With that said, thank you very much for taking some time to get to know me and please don't hesitate to reach out if your team is looking to add a versatile UX/IT professional with experience in research, programming, and mechanism design.

Please see below for my additional works.

Other Works

I tend to spend most of my leisure time polishing various hobbies. Here are some of the projects I have worked on while fully embracing the DIY movement as a modern socioeconomic driver. I'm currently working on building a database for a personal blog and additional dynamic features for both of my websites so in the mean time, please feel free to provide feedback via email or LinkedIn message. Thank you!