Skills & Tools:

  • UX Design
    • Data Visualization (F)
    • Data Synthesis (B)
  • Sketch
  • WordPress
  • phpMyAdmin

Organization Overview

The Detroit Green Map (DGM), a collaborative project between Detroit Green Skills Alliance (DGSA) and the US Green Building Council's Detroit Regional Chapter Emerging Professionals group (USGBC-DRC-EP), connects the public to local businesses and non-profit organizations who have demonstrated strong commitment to environmental sustainability and social equality.

Project Scope

For UMSI Service Week in January 2017, I led 5 other volunteers to work with DGM who needed help with data synthesis and visualization, and information systems. As a team, we helped design data visualization tools and icons for DGM's sustainability criteria, and a new user workflow for form completion and data evaluation.

Please see below for details of our work with DGM.